Tourism in TBNA kicks off Summer Cool mode

2019-06-19 09:27

Getting closed to the water and playing in the water are important features of tourism in Tianjin Binhai New Area (TBNA for short). Nowadays, it is a hot summer day, and the hot weather makes people pay more attention to the cool tour. Yesterday, the reporter learned from the District Cultural Tourism Department that this year's tourist attractions in TBNA are focused on the summer tourist season market, and constantly launch tourism products with the theme of getting closed to the water to enrich the travel experience of citizens, thus driving the development of the summer tourism economy in TBNA.

Water projects attracts tourists.

In the midsummer season, playing in the water is right at the time. Last weekend, TBNA’s super large water park - Tianjin Happy Water Cube officially opened, attracting many citizens to have the first experience. The country's largest madman tsunami wave pool, thrilling automatic double-loop slides, and stimulating peak speed slides provide visitors with an exceptional cool sensory experience.

In the TEDA Aircraft Carrier Theme Park, the Seaview project in the north and south of the scenic spot attracts many tourists to come to the sea, overlooking the Mazu Temple while parents and children chase the tide along the beach and experience the fun of the sea. “We also launched an amphibious vehicle project in the summer. Visitors can take it on the sea and enjoy a 360-degree view of the aircraft carrier,” the relevant person in charge of the TEDA Aircraft Carrier Theme Park said.

In addition to the water projects brought by the theme park, Dongjiang Bay artificial beach also brings a series of emerging tourism project experiences such as sailing and windsurfing for tourists, and further promotes the water activities. "At present, apart from diving, almost all other projects on the sea and the beach can be played in Dongjiang Bay. This year we have added a variety of recreational facilities, and various sea towing projects are very complete so there are also colorful performances. For example, visitors can not only experience this the watercraft project, but also can watch the wonderful professional performances,” related person in charge of the Dongjiang Bay Scenic Area said.

At the same time, the sailing and windsurfing project that some young people like can also be experienced in Dongjiang Bay, and the price is affordable. For example, four or five tourists can pack a small sailing boat and go to the waters of Dongjiang Bay for forty or fifty minutes. The price is only 200 yuan/boat. One can also choose a large sailing boat that can accommodate 40 people to go sightseeing in the sea, with price of about 60 yuan/person. It is reported that this summer, there will be National RV Camping Conference, National Family Regatta and other activities to contribute to the new fashion tourism.

Night Tour will ignite the tourism market.

"More and more citizens now choose to play in the summer night, because during the day, the sun is hot and the night is relatively cool. In the past two years, many scenic spots have opened the night field mode and received a good response." The relevant person in charge of the District Cultural Tourism Bureau said that this year TBNA also promulgated the Implementation Plan for Accelerating the Night Economic Development of Binhai New Area. The cultural and tourism departments in TBNA will further promote the Night Tour Binhai experience activities, encourage the scenic spots to launch night-time tourism projects, and extend the business hours, launch scenic lighting shows, overnight stays, special performances, preferential fares and other means to enrich the night travel content and contribute to enhance Tianjin's tourism vitality.

"From July 5, we will launch the night tour. At night, we will enter the park at 16 o'clock and close at 21:30. We can play for five and a half hours. Some projects also avoid the peak of the queue. At the same time, tickets for the night are more affordable." The relevant person in charge of the Water Cube said that the full-time magical electric sound, the beautiful special effects laser, the float parade performances, and the hip-hop DJ performance are also staged so the tourists will get a lot of pleasure here at night. At the same time, the newly built gourmet commercial street in the park will also open.

In addition, from the next month, Tianjin Fantawild World will also open the night cool mode. In the evening, a series of colorful performances, such as dragon and steel flower performances, fire-breathing performances, etc., will be launched to enrich the nighttime for visitors. Tianjin Haichang Polar Ocean World has launched the Night Stay project. Visitors can observe the rare polar animals such as penguins and beluga whales at night, watch the performance of ‘mermaids’, and then camp in the underwater tunnel to sleep together with marine life.

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