S&T companies in TBNA good at gathering talents

2019-06-21 09:36

In recent years, the science and technology companies (S&T companies) in Tianjin Binhai New Area (TBNA for short) have launched talent competitions and accumulated popularity in pursuit of their own high quality development. High-end talents have been attracted, and how to use them and keep them? Enterprises in TBNA have their own unique ideas. For example, Efy Technology chose to make breakthroughs in innovation platforms, industrial funds and infrastructure; Dynamiker Bio and Tiandy Technologies CO., LTD rely on post-doctoral workstations to gradually create influential innovative teams through technical cooperation with high-end academic talents in the industry.

For regional development, the talent is often the first resource. Therefore, how to promote the introduction and cultivation of scientific and technological innovation talents at home and abroad and how to form new trends of high-level talents to accelerate the gathering and growth, have become a must answer in front of everyone. As the main body of innovation, enterprises have become the main answerers of these problems. In recent years, the S&T enterprises in TBNA have launched talent competitions and accumulated popularity in pursuit of their own high quality development.

TBNA targets at high-end talents to create an innovation platform.

“The talent is the foundation of enterprise development.” Efy Technology (Tianjin) Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in the field of intelligent transportation in the air. In 2018, the company made significant progress in talent introduction, platform construction, technology research, product development and other aspects, achieving revenue of 15 million yuan, doubled from that of 2017. Behind these achievements, it is inseparable from the introduction and support of high-end talents.

“Last year, the company attracted two new partners: Chu Jian, the former CEO of Ctrip Business Travel Division, now the COO of Efy Technology; Wulin Gaowa, once the only Chinese female designer of Mercedes-Benz, is now CMO of Efy Technology. The addition of two important partners has enabled the company's core management team to cover a full range of top talents from technology research and development to commercial operations.” The responsible person of Efy Technology told reporters that as of the end of last year, the employees in the company had exceeded 160 people, of which the R & D team accounted for more than 60%.

Since high-end talents have been attracted, how to use them well? This is also a question that must be answered by Efy Technology. In order to give talents space in the talented stage, the company chose to make breakthroughs in innovation platforms, industrial funds and infrastructure.

"On the one hand, the company has cooperated with the Binhai New Area Government, Tianjin University, AVIC and other parties to plan and construct the Tianjin Intelligent Aviation Industry Technology Research Institute, and explore the establishment of an industrial technology innovation system in the field of intelligent aviation. Based on this, the upstream and downstream industries of the man-machine industry set up a 1.5-billion-yuan intelligent aviation industry fund to form an innovation platform for cutting-edge research, technology exploration, flight test and industrial incubation, and strive to promote the transformation and upgrading of Tianjin and even the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei aerospace industry. On the other hand, the test airspace of the Central Theater Air Force covering nearly 100 square kilometers has been approved, and the first professional drone test flight base in North China has been established, providing protection for the development of the UAV industry in Tianjin."

For the talent introduction and training plan for 2019, the person in charge of Efy Technology said that the company will continue to use the flexibility of the Beijing subsidiary to introduce high-end talents from the capital, and actively declare the qualifications of Tianjin's strategic emerging industry leaders, and build and upgrade high-end enterprises. Based on the R&D platform, it introduces and trains all kinds of outstanding talents. At the same time, it will actively connect with relevant universities and institutes at home and abroad, further unblock the channels of intellectual introduction, cooperation between industry, universities and research institutes, introduce and reserve leading talents and innovative teams, and accelerate the realization of high-level industrialization of scientific and technological achievements.

Postdoctoral workstations become places for talent gathering.

In May of this year, Zhang Xiqing from Dynamiker Bio Co., Ltd., as a representative of outstanding young science and technology workers, walked into the Tianjin Youth Science and Technology Workers' Delegates to report to Tianjin's outstanding scientific and technological innovation talents and was praised on the spot. Thanks to the establishment of the post-doctoral research station, Dynamiker Bio has introduced seven post-doctoral in-depth research institutes from well-known institutions at home and abroad since 2015. Through the combination of introduction and cultivation, an innovative team with influential in vitro diagnosis of invasive fungi at home and abroad has been gradually established.

The person in charge of Dynamiker Bio said that these young scientists and technicians have solved the key technical problems in the field of invasive fungal diseases, and in order to promote the transformation of results, the IFD clinical diagnosis and treatment system that is in line with international standards has been established step by step. The company's independent innovation capability and core competitiveness has been improved in an all-round way. In 2017, Dynamiker Bio also created the Dynamiker Fungal Diagnostics Institute, and actively carried out the clinical diagnostic value of invasive fungal diseases and the industry's most cutting-edge detection technology public welfare training activities in the grassroots departments of hospitals across the country, so that the company's influence in the industry and the ability to absorb talents has been further enhanced.

In TBNA, there are few scientific and technological enterprises that have postdoctoral research stations and academician expert workstations. Tiandy Technologies Co., Ltd., located in the Binhai High-tech Industrial Zone, is one of them. As a national demonstration academician expert workstation, Tiandy has become a beneficiary to introduce high-end think tanks to enhance the company's own innovation capabilities.

Through the academician workstation, Tiandy has attracted Yao Jianwei, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, to enter the enterprise and explore and innovate in the field of Internet of Things. In this regard, the main person in charge of Tiandy said that the company established an academician workstation, aiming at the development of intelligent network video surveillance system based on Internet of Things technology through technical cooperation with high-end academic talents in the industry, in order to comply with high-definition and intelligent security development. The trend provides technical support for the emerging strategic industries of the Internet of Things.

Dai Lin, chairman of Tiandy Technologies Co., Ltd. said: "Excellent enterprises must cultivate talents on their own. Huawei, Lenovo, and Haier are all training their own talents. Therefore, Tiandy has formed the characteristics of three ways to keep talents, that is, the treatment of talents, career and corporate culture. In addition to these, Tiandy has also formed a special mentor system to help new employees, especially college students, quickly adapt to the company's environment and master the necessary work skills. At present, the company has successfully trained about 600 fresh graduates.

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