TBNA’s International Cooperation Achievements in Science and Technology Innovation

2019-06-21 09:37

The Science and Technology Innovation Project Matchmaking Conference 2019 of the Conference on Overseas Chinses Pioneering and Developing in Tianjin China, hosted by the Tianjin Science and Technology Bureau was held in the municipality recently. The conference is aimed at key countries such as the UK, South Korea, Central and Eastern Europe, and other key technologies such as smart technology, biomedicine and new energy, as well as hot topics such as technology transfer, innovation and entrepreneurship. It held venues activities such as the China-UK High-tech Project Tianjin Roadshow Matchmaking Conference, Tianjin-Slovenia Science and Technology Innovation Cooperation Matchmaking Meeting, China-Korea Science and Technology Innovation and Entrepreneurship Cooperation Matchmaking Conference, three parallel sessions and multiple sub-meeting. The conference has released and promoted more than 150 overseas technology projects and signed 26 cooperation agreements.

Building a global network of technological innovations

Integration of technology transfer factors, cooperation between key country and region, and high-tech industry development became the three main lines of the conference. The reporter found that the conference signed a number of cooperation agreements in the key industrial development areas of artificial intelligence, biomedicine, new energy and new materials, and injected new impetus into Tianjin's high-quality development.

During the conference, the new regional technology company CanSino Biologics  Co., Ltd. and the British Vaccitech company signed a new joint development project for herpes zoster vaccine. The Sea Star underwater robot and the Institute of Marine Engineering Design of the Russian Academy of Sciences signed a project to introduce new underwater coating technology and equipment joint research and development. Tianjin Zhongke Advanced Institute and Russia Kazan National Technical University signed a joint development project for electric vehicle battery pack lightweight technology, and a number of artificial intelligence projects, for example, the cloud computing-based enterprise customer service software in South Korea, were signed with investment intentions.

In addition, in order to promote the deep cooperation between Tianjin and Russia, the Municipal Science and Technology Bureau also officially signed a memorandum of scientific cooperation with the Russian Academy of Sciences. The two sides agreed to build a platform for the transformation of Sino-Russian scientific and technological achievements in Tianjin, integrating the quality of talents, technology, industry, capital, management and resources, strengthen technical cooperation in research and development, transfer and transformation, jointly support the holding of technical exchange docking activities in the two places, and build an international scientific and technological cooperation innovation bridge.

Tianjin’s contribution to the Belt and Road Initiative has gradually changed from large-scale intent to meticulous painting. The relevant person in charge of the Municipal Science and Technology Bureau said that in order to gather global innovation resources and accelerate the transformation of international scientific and technological achievements, it has continuously expanded the global technical cooperation network and built the technology diploma transfer service platform for science and technology diplomats has established the One Belt and One Road technology transfer alliance. Since 2016, Tianjin has taken the lead in launching the Belt and Road technology innovation action plan in the country, and gradually established scientific and technological cooperation with more than 50 countries and regions around the world, and fostered 170 international science and technology cooperation bases to support technology companies and colleges. 82 R&D centers have been built at home and abroad.

Helping international science and technology innovation cooperation to settle

On the day of the conference, representatives of the eight innovative institutions of Tianjin signed cooperation agreements with representatives of the United Kingdom, Germany, Slovenia, Russia, South Korea and the United States, forming an all-round integration and multi-dimensional synergy of university, college, Science Park, technology service organization, and technology-based enterprise, as the new trend of international scientific and technological cooperation. Among them, the business units from TBNA performed very well.

It is worth noting that in the scientific and cultural exchanges, Tianjin Kechuang Technology Enterprise Incubator Co., Ltd. from the Binhai High-tech Industrial Zone (THT for short) and the National Outstanding Self-financed Scholarship Scholars Association will jointly promote overseas exchanges, talents and projects of overseas students to settle in Tianjin. In addition, the Sino-British Life and Health Medical Industry Base, led by the Royal Academy of Engineering, has been officially opened in the Tanggu Marine Science and Technology Park of the THT, introducing 43 domestic and international medical health projects and enterprises. These projects quickly took root through the Sino-British Life and Health Medical Industry Base, and the number of patent applications reached 14.

“Our company has been working closely with many institutes of the Russian Academy of Sciences and the Academy of Sciences. Recently, we have introduced a number of new technologies that extend the company’s products from underwater robots to underwater painting of buildings. "Daruiya from Russia has been working as an international manager for Tianjin Sea Star Underwater Robot Co., Ltd. in TBNA. She has said that through technical cooperation with Russia, the company has formed a mature underwater cleaning brush and innovative products like equipment and underwater detection robots.

According to the relevant person in charge of the Municipal Science and Technology Bureau, "The Sino-Russian scientific and technological achievements transformation platform jointly established by the Municipal Science and Technology Bureau and the Russian Academy of Sciences was also launched in April this year. At present, there are nine major fields of Russian new materials, communication and environmental protection. A number of technical databases, more than 20 Russian patents and achievements have been signed with cooperation intentions. In September this year, Tianjin will usher in the first China-Russia (Tianjin) high-tech project docking and negotiation activity. China-Canada Artificial Intelligence Digital Technology Transfer Center Construction is also under discussion."

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