Smart city makes residents happier

2019-06-21 09:40

Appointment activities rely on swiping the face, and green wave belt are set on the peak road. One network for all business at one’s doorstep, grid social management, old community’s access to urban brain, high-grade urban-level artificial intelligence video analysis platform...TEDA Street, full of smart styles, aims to build a prosperous and viable modern coastal city destination in Tianjin Binhai New Area (TBNA for short), and to exert efforts in urban management and social public services to make social governance more intelligent and refined and to make residents feel happier.

▲ TEDA Street Smart Management System Improves Urban Management to be Scientific, Refined and Intelligent

Smart element can be seen everywhere.

In the morning, the Cuiheng Village community witnesses cars coming and going. Each car passes through the door gate and only takes two or three seconds. In a few seconds, the vehicle information has been connected to the urban brain to generate the inbound and outbound parking data. In this old community, TEDA Smart City Construction Platform has set up a community video portal management system to connect the data collected in the community to the Community Entrance and Exit Video Surveillance Big Data Platform of the Urban Brain IOC Center. The newly installed panoramic video equipment in the community collects all incoming and outgoing vehicles and personnel information, and the big data platform conducts real-time tracking and supervision of strangers and vehicles. Zhang Rufa, an old property owner who has lived here for 22 years, told reporters that there are municipal roads and kindergartens in Cuiheng Village. The frequent entry and exit of social vehicles is a common problem in the past. Nowadays, vehicles are moving in and out quickly, not only reducing traffic jams, but also reducing contradictions between households.

Zhang Xibin, who lives in the Warner Community, is a member of the community silver bell fitness salon. She goes to the community service center three times a week. The venue has already booked from the Smart TEDA micro program in advance. "Logging in is over, go upstairs!" To the front of the Face Recognition System in the lobby of the first floor, Zhang Xibin completed the signing and went to the building. He usually participates in volunteer service which is also signed by swiping the face. She and her old friends have long been accustomed to the fancy service of the community. The Face Recognition System can provide residents with activity check-in, point inquiry, and exemption system services. In the Warner community, swiping one’s face can do a lot of things and save a lot of things. “The face recognition system has greatly improved the daily activities management and service level of community social organizations.” Liu Hongxia, secretary of the Party Committee and director of the neighborhood committee of Warner Community, said that in the past, the community’s activities were to be used by the team leader and the neighborhood committee. The Smart TEDA micro program can make appointments, and it is convenient for residents and staff. What's important is that through the background big data, it can analyze which community activities are the most popular, fully understand the needs of the people, and finally provide services for the needs. The face-free identification service of the face recognition system and the self-service terminal of the administrative service in the community enable residents to solve many problems in the community, saving time and enhancing the appeal of the community.

Walking on TEDA Street, the city intelligent management is very intuitive on the road. The director of the Digital City Management Section of the TEDA Street City Management Office told the reporter that variable lanes, green wave belts, traffic intersections at key intersections, pedestrian red light automatic alarm capture systems, etc. all reflect smart transportation, and smart transportation is also to create a Convenient TEDA. The important aspect is to improve the convenience and safety while saving a lot of travel time and improving the efficiency and pass rate of intersections. In addition, the original digital urban management system has been upgraded to a smart information system. In terms of city appearance and environmental supervision, they adopt gridded closed-loop management to find problems, dispatch and supervise, to achieve full coverage of problems and solve problems within a limited time.

TEDA is to create a smart TEDA that knows you better than yourself.

TEDA Street makes full use of modern information technology such as the Internet, big data, and artificial intelligence to create a smart TEDA that knows you better than yourself. The 1+4+N construction system of TEDA Smart City is based on big data. It promotes the multi-city-level smart platform and gradually upgrades the existing community service facilities and systems. It is convenient and lightweight. Intelligent services enable the most advanced intelligent information technology to be integrated in the TEDA community, achieving a small investment in community service capabilities and a residential experience. Smart TEDA's big data + small fortunate is to use the precise analysis service capabilities of the big data platform to build a city service platform. Relying on data to support a service ecosystem, and relying on a large number of intelligent micro programs, TEDA Street aims to solve the concerns of residents one by one, and maximize the sense of happiness of residents.

1 in 1+4+N refers to a city center brain. The reporter learned that the current urban brain has mastered the basic data of TEDA's 230,000 population, more than 40,000 enterprises and economic operation data, 20 basic data of tens of thousands of street lights, manhole covers and the location, ownership and status of various urban furniture constitute the cornerstone of the digital city. Various types of dynamic data such as face recognition analysis, population heat distribution, vehicle identification analysis, various Internet of Things data, road congestion and other information will be updated in real time. Relying on the city brain data platform, in addition to seeing real-time vehicles, pedestrians and dangers, the staff can also analyze the big data comparisons for the first time, providing an important basis for the rapid response and scientific disposal of relevant departments. Governance efficiency has increased dramatically.

Reporter's notes

TEDA Street strives to fulfill the requirements of General Secretary Xi Jinping, i.e., what aspects make the people feel unhappy and dissatisfied are what we need to work hard and do everything possible to solve for the masses. It also sticks to the masses in the formulation of urban management goals and widely absorbs public opinion; in the specific operation, it makes full use of modern information technology such as the Internet, big data, artificial intelligence, wins with smart elements, and strives to create a core area of the modern coastal city that is more prosperous, more welcoming and more intelligent to allow the residents to live in the Happy TEDA.

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