Yongdingzhou Park debuts with new appearance

2019-06-24 15:20

A flower sea debuted with the scale while the lavender blue dragonfly, the light pink broccoli, the tender yellow rose and the red hollyhock, all swayed in the breeze... The reporter learned from the Administrative Committee of the Sino-Singapore Tianjin Eco-city (the Eco-city for short) on June 20 that the Yongdingzhou Park repair project was basically completed and opened to the public.

In April this year, Yongdingzhou Park launched a repair project and carried out landscape upgrading. On June 20, the reporter came to Yongdingzhou Park to see that sunflowers in three small islands with a total area of more than 12,000 square meters have been planted in the middle of the park wetland. Now they are all in need of release, and they also add a lot of humanized design. The 1,500-square-meter pebble ditch in the park is connected to the wetland, allowing the water to flow directly into the wetland and become a landscape water for plants such as flowers, reeds and vegetation.

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