T&B Holding Has Been Granted the Qualification of "Shelf Offering" By China Securities Regulatory Commission

2019-07-02 12:25

Recently, T&B Holding Co., Ltd. (T&B Holding for short) received the reply from the China Securities Regulatory Commission, and officially granted the financing qualification of “Shelf Offering”, reporters learned from Tianjin Port Free Trade Zone. It is conducive to T&B Holding to further optimize and expand financing channels, reduce financing costs, prevent and control debt risks, and maintain the overall fund security of the region.

After being granted the qualification, the company can issue corporate bonds with a total amount of less than 7.5 billion yuan within 24 months through green bonds, poverty alleviation bonds, exchangeable bonds, renewable bonds and other forms independently. Currently, less than 200 companies are granted in nationwide. “Eight criteria in the base range” and “One of the three optimal conditions” should be satisfied coincidently while being approved by the authority.

T&B Holding is a large wholly state-owned company, mainly engaged in the development and construction of Tianjin Port Free Trade Zone, infrastructure operation, logistics& automobile exhibition and trade, finance and investment. Now, it has three listed companies, namely, Tianbao infrastructure, which is listed on A shares main board, Tianbao energy, which is listed on Hong Kong main board, and Tianbao manpower, which is listed on the “new over-the-counter market”, and has initially completed the layout of multi-level capital market at home and abroad. It is reported that, in order to prevent rigid payment risk, T&B Holding has optimized the ratio of direct and intermediate financing and matching debt maturity reasonably. At the same time, T&B Holding has actively expanded its financing channels. At present, the direct financing project covers more than 95% of the products in the four major bond regulatory markets, and many financing projects, such as enterprise bonds, supporting bonds for small and micro enterprises and medium-term bills, are the first orders in Tianjin and even in national wide.

Officer from T&B Holding said in an interview that in the next stage, the company will optimize investment and financing mechanism, strengthen cooperation with financial institutions, deepen exchanges with regulators and investors, constantly improve product models, build a multi-level guarantee system, and provide capital guarantee for the high-quality development of Tianjin Port Free Trade Zone and even the whole Tianjin.

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