NXP artificial intelligence project settled in TEDA

2019-07-02 12:29

On June 26, Tianjin Economic-Technological Development Area (abbreviated as TEDA) Management Committee and NXP Semiconductors held a signing ceremony. NXP's artificial intelligence and Internet of Things (IoT for short) demonstration project was settled in TEDA.

According to reports, the artificial intelligence and IoT demonstration projects invested and constructed mainly include three parts: artificial intelligence and IoT application demonstration base, technology research and development platform, and practical training base. After the completion of the application demonstration base, it will become NXP's most advanced product and solution display platform in Greater China, fully demonstrating NXP and its partners' latest technologies and solutions in the field of IoT and artificial intelligence. The number of trainees is expected to be no less than 500. The technology research and development platform will be used to develop leading technologies in the field of artificial intelligence and IoT in the future. The practice training base is mainly used for the practice and training of relevant technologies for its customers, partners and college students. The number of trainees is expected to be no less than 500. It is reported that NXP Semiconductors is the world's leading semiconductor company and the world's leading automotive electronics and artificial intelligence IoT node processing chip company, headquartered in the Netherlands. NXP Semiconductors ranks first in the world in automotive electronics, general-purpose microcontrollers, security-related chips, RF power transistorsand communications processors; third in the world in artificial intelligence chips; and first in the IoT marketin the world. As of now, NXP Semiconductors has invested a total of approximately US$ 852 million in the TEDA.

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