More than 160 enterprises in TEDA completed comprehensive discharge standards

2019-07-04 12:40

On June 22nd, the first thing that Liu Tianshu went to work was to check the company's VOCs equipment, accurately measure the company's production data and sewage standards, and record it on the company's environmental protection account. As an environmental protection commissioner of Idemitsu Lube (China) Co., Ltd., Liu Tianshu's environmental protection account has become a model for industrial enterprises in the Tianjin Binhai Hi-Tech Industrial Development Area (abbreviated as TEDA) to compete and observe. This is a microcosm of TEDA's efforts to actively promote the comprehensive assessment of industrial pollution sources and achieve phased progress. Up to now, more than 160 companies in TEDA have completed comprehensive emission standards. This year, TEDA has formulated a list of 2019 comprehensive compliance assessment enterprises based on the Tianjin 2019 Key Pollution Discharge List and the Catalogue for Classified Management of Fixed Pollution Sources Pollution Discharge Permits, which will provide food, electronics, building materials and automobile zeros within the jurisdiction of TEDA. More than 120 industrial enterprises in the industry such as parts are included in this work. Recently, the 2019 TEDA's new phase I comprehensive emission assessment work was officially launched, and strive to complete the comprehensive emission assessment and related rectification work of more than 120 industrial enterprises in this batch by the end of the year.

Orderly promoting the enterprise's compliance assessment and rectification

In order to fully grasp the discharge of industrial pollution sources in the jurisdiction, TEDA will classify the enterprises in the jurisdiction according to the industry classifications listed in the Catalogue of the Classified Pollution Discharge Permits Management List and the list of key pollutant discharge units in Tianjin, promote them to realize the comprehensive compliance assessment group by group.

Last year, the TEDA Environmental Protection Bureau organized more than 120 enterprises in the food, furniture, pharmaceutical, automotive, and chemical industries to conduct comprehensive assessments of emissions standards, and found more than 270 problems. All enterprises have promised to rectify and report the improvement degree regularly. By the end of December 2018, more than 40 companies had completed rectification, and other units were in the process of rectification. The Environmental Protection Bureau of the TEDA will continue to follow up to ensure that all rectification work will be completed by the end of September 2019. In addition, the Environmental Protection Bureau of the TEDA has entrusted third-party units to carry out on-site inspections of more than 70 of them to check the quality of the assessment.

Enterprises actively participate and achieve significant results.

The company's comprehensive compliance work is of great significance to the company's environmental benefits and brand benefits. Liu Tianshu told reporters that the company attaches great importance to comprehensive compliance work from top to bottom. According to reports, Japan's sole proprietorship, Idemitsu Lube (China) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the Idemitsu Lube) is one of the enterprises that TEDA applied for a sewage permit earlier. Since the completion of the TEDA in 2004, the production capacity has increased from the initial 28,000 liters per year to the current 120,000 liters per year. With the increase in production, the company's production of hazardous waste has also increased, belonging to Tianjin's key enterprises of solid waste and hazardous waste.

KUSAKA RYUJI , the chairman and general manager of the company introduced the company to minimize the harm to the environment, pay attention to environmental credibility and social responsibility, and has always been the company's business philosophy and policy. Jing Huizhen, director of the company's safety environment quality assurance room, said that in the enterprise self-assessment and expert evaluation, it was found that the signboards in the hazardous waste storage room were not standardized, and the VOCs equipment only had operational records and no regular inspection records, etc., which required rectification and improvement. The company emphasis on active investment, and serious rectification, and the relevant rectification work has been completed with high quality. At present, all kinds of wastes are placed in the hazardous waste storage room of the lubricating oil, and the environmental protection equipment has a complete inspection record, and the contents of the environmental protection account are clear. The company actively responded to the national environmental protection policy and further reduced pollutant emissions on the basis of pollutant discharge standards.

Unlike the Idemitsu Lube, the main source of industrial pollution generated by the Taiwan-funded enterprise Tianjin Nanqiao Food Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the Nanqiao Food) is wastewater. Since the establishment of the Nanqiao Food in TEDA in 1996, it has attached great importance to environmental protection and has built a production sewage treatment station. In 2017, a domestic wastewater treatment station was built and it was put into operation in the next year. At present, the daily sewage treatment capacity is 750 tons, and the domestic wastewater treatment capacity is 120 tons. Over the years, the Nanqiao Food has continued to invest in environmental protection and optimize environmental protection facilities. In the past five years, the plant has invested about 8 million yuan in sewage treatment. In addition, the Nanqiao Food attaches great importance to the reduction of pollutants through technological research and development. The company's self-developed a degumming method for esterified modified oils won the national patent excellence award. This technology can save a lot of water resources and reduce sewage discharge during production.

Reporter's notes

It is significant to protect the ecological environment like protecting the eyes, to treat the ecological environment like life. Blue sky, air, soil and water source are valuable resources for people to survive. Therefore, while enterprises pursue economic benefits, they also need to pay attention to environmental protection credit and actively fulfill their social responsibilities. The completion of the comprehensive compliance assessment work is of great significance to the company's environmental benefits and brand benefits, which is conducive to the long-term development of the enterprise, thus contributing to the development of the enterprise. At the same time, grasping environmental protection means grasping sustainable development, that is, grasping innovation and development. The steady advancement of comprehensive discharge standards is also conducive to the improvement of the overall image of the region and the business environment.

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