Subway B1 line: Main body of 4 stations of Xinjiayuan completed

2019-07-09 11:36

The reporter learned from Binhai Construction and Investment Group that the main body of Xinjiayuan North Station, one of the construction sites of the B1 line of the subway, was basically completed recently, which also marked the completion of the main body of the four stations under construction in the Xinjiayuan area. Xinjiayuan North Station is the third last station at the northern end of the B1 line of the subway. It is located in Huanggang Wetland of Binhai New Area with a building area of 15628.7 square meters. The construction of the B1 line of the subway is of great significance for relieving the traffic pressure in the core area of Binhai New Area and serving the regional development of Huanggang Xinjiayuan, the central business district of TEDA and the central new city.

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