Eco-city creates AI application demonstration zone

2019-07-23 09:54

What role does artificial intelligence (AI) play in the construction of new cities? How much convenience will AI bring to the people in the convenience service? On the afternoon of July 15, the Administrative Committee of the Sino-Singapore Tianjin Eco-city and Tianjin Xunfei Information Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Tianjin Xunfei) signed a comprehensive strategic cooperation agreement, and the two sides will promote Artificial Intelligence+ in fields of smart education, smart medical care, and smart office while building an AI Application Demonstration Zone. The two sides will further mobilize and develop smart technology industries to further aggregate industrial resources and incubation industry projects, and promote the development of ecology + intelligence in the Eco-city.

Artificial intelligence application as a demonstration in the Eco-city

The reporter learned that Tianjin Xunfei is a high-tech enterprise integrating product design, R&D and sales. Based on the core technologies of iFLYTEK Intelligent Voice and Artificial Intelligence, it has launched a series of featured products of artificial intelligence technology such as smart education and smart homes, which are based on smart voices.

“The Eco-city has a good foundation for smart city construction. Many of the smart facilities here are very advanced in the country. This is an important reason why we choose to cooperate with the Eco-city.” Jiang Tao, the co-founder and Senior Vice President of IFLYTEK Co., Ltd. said in an interview with reporters that the cooperation will create an artificial intelligence application demonstration zone based on the actual needs of the smart city construction in the Eco-city, so that artificial intelligence can be truly integrated into urban management operations and improve people's daily lives.

“The artificial intelligence application demonstration zone is the first test for artificial intelligence application. The Eco-city has such a good foundation for smart city construction. I believe that with the technical support of Xunfei, the government and enterprises can work together to create more and more AI application scenario, which not only provides convenience for the public, but also provides demonstrations for other regions," Jiang Tao said.

Combining multiple fields to create smart scenes

So, what kind of artificial intelligence scenes can this settlement bring to the Eco-city? According to reports, Tianjin Xunfei will work with it to promote artificial intelligence scenarios in areas such as smart education, smart medical care, and smart office.

“We have all been students. We will do a lot of exercise when we are dealing with the exams. But in fact, there are a lot of exercise that we will do, but after we finish, we know that we will actually do it. After the application of artificial intelligence technology, we can reduce the consumption of this part of the time, thereby reducing the burden of the coursework and improving the learning efficiency." Jiang Tao told reporters that Tianjin Xunfei will combine the characteristics of the schools in the Eco-city to develop a systematic artificial intelligence landing plan. For example, the Tianjin Foreign Studies University Foreign Languages ​​School affiliated to Tianjin Foreign Studies University has obvious advantages in foreign language, and will introduce automatic language and listening technology to improve students' listening and speaking skills. At the same time, it will help Beijing Normal University's Sino-Singapore Tianjin Eco-city Affiliated School to set up a cultural display window to spread traditional culture and Confucianism through the intelligent class system. Based on Tianjin Eco-city Nankai Primary School, a science and technology school, an artificial intelligence demonstration school will be built. In addition, combined with the characteristics of Tianjin Huaxia Future Sino-Singapore Tianjin Eco-city Primary School Art School, the intelligent classroom will be built to realize the electronic retention and real-time placement of students' creative works. Relying on the voice transfer technology of iFLYTEK, the Eco-city will have its own “Teacher Micro Lessons” resource library. After the cooperation between the two parties, the classroom contents of the teachers in the schools in the Eco-city can be normally recorded and voice-transferred, thus becoming a resource for the micro-curricular resources uploaded to the resource platform, which is conducive to usage frequency of exchanges between schools and high-quality courses.

In the field of smart healthcare, the two sides will accelerate the process of intelligent medical information construction in the Eco-city by promoting the in-depth integration of information technology and medical services. According to Jiang Tao, the general-assisted diagnosis and treatment platform will be launched in the Eco-city in the future. Simply put, the platform will rely on medical cognitive intelligence technology and medical knowledge system to help doctors by reading the electronic medical record information of patients in primary hospitals, combined with patient complaints, current medical history, past history, examination and other data. Comprehensive understanding of disease information assists doctors to accurately judge and diagnose the condition, reduces misdiagnosis and miss diagnosis, and improves the level of diagnosis and treatment.

In addition, the two sides will cooperate in intelligent customer service. Relying on intelligent voice navigation, intelligent agent assistant, intelligent robot, multi-channel intelligent customer service and other products and solutions, the Eco-city will be able to achieve 0 waiting of customer service hotline, 100% access, 365×24 hours service to improve the user experience, reduce the pressure on manual services and save operating costs.

In addition, according to the relevant person in charge of the Eco-city Economic Bureau, based on the cooperation results in the above-mentioned various fields, Tianjin Xunfei will jointly promote the industrial development with the Eco-city. Relying on the quality education resources of Eco-city and the experience of iFLYTEK in the field of education and information technology, the two sides will seek continuous innovation in “scientific and technological service education” to help the popularization of artificial intelligence knowledge from pre-school education to high school education. In addition, the establishment of industrial alliances by domestic and foreign well-known enterprises such as Huawei and China Mobile, which have established strategic partnerships with the Eco-city, will help to bring into play the advantages of each member of the alliance, aggregate new industrial resources, and incubate new industrial projects.

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