Venue delayed service for citizens to enjoy culture at night

2019-07-23 09:55

"In order to have more sacrifices, we dare to teach the sun and the moon for a new day." In the melodious music, Chairman Mao's arduous struggle in his life screamed in the soulful story of the reciter. This is a scene in the cultural performance of the 70th anniversary of the founding of New China, held in the Binhai New Area Cultural Center. Different from the past, this is an outdoor performance held in the evening. The cultural center set up a stage at the entrance, attracting many residents to come and visit at night.

The Binhai New Area Cultural and Tourism Bureau has launched a nighttime delayed service for a week. During the period, the cultural venues such as Binhai New Area Library, Binhai New Area Cultural Center, Binhai New Area Museum and Binhai New Area Art Museum will be extended to 22:00. At the same time, it also played its own advantages to hold different types of activities, which effectively enriched the cultural life of the citizens of Binhai New Area at night. Up to now, the number of visitors has exceeded 14,000, and the number of participants has exceeded 2,000.

Evening service facilitates residents to enjoy culture.

In the first week of the nighttime delayed service, the Binhai New Area Cultural Center planned activities such as “The Interests of Treasures in the Museum” and “Funny Puzzles to Tell Binhai Story”. What did Cui Zhihua, the deputy director of the museum, did not expect was that the event received enthusiastic response from the public. It was planned to hold two fun puzzle activities, and the prepared props were used in one activity. "We thought it might be possible for four or fifty children to participate. I didn't expect to have more than one hundred people at a time. This also shows that the demand for nighttime delayed service is very strong." The jigsaw event and a tour guide for the children, in this case, are novel experiences in this event. The citizens also participated in the performance of the Binhai New Area Cultural Center. Unlike the quiet and serious viewing attitude in the theater, the relaxed atmosphere of the outdoor makes them more comfortable enjoying the show. After the performance, many children also ran to the stage to jump and experience the feeling of being on the stage. “The venues for night service are crowded in places like Century Square, Riverside Park and Binhai Cultural Center. The citizens enjoy high-quality cultural activities while walking and shopping in these places.” The relevant person in charge of the Binhai New Area Culture and Tourism Bureau said.

Conducting a questionnaire survey to accurately dock needs

In order to accurately meet the cultural needs of the citizens, the district culture and tourism bureau also formulated a questionnaire for the public's demand for public cultural services in the evening, and asked the people through the online and offline ways. The first day of the online survey was followed by thousands of people. As of now, about 14,000 questionnaires have been collected. After the first week of service, the Binhai New Area Museum will also develop a more extensive activity plan. New nighttime cultural events such as "Paint Round Fans with Ink and Paste" "Bestown Stator Sailboat's Past and Present Theme Lecture" "'Years of the Fanghua's Rubbing Production Experience" and "'Finger's Non-legacy' Grain Painting Production Experience" will continue to be carried out until August 8, so that the public can have a fresh experience every week. Every Friday to Sunday evening, the Binhai New Area Library will conduct film appreciation, Studt Tour Micro-college, and National Figure Open Class activities for the citizens. The Binhai New Area Cultural Center will carry out trainings on instruments such as instrumental music, belly dance, models, Peking Opera, Pingju Opera, and Hebei Xunzi Opera. The art museum will also carry out artistic experiences such as calligraphy and printmaking to facilitate the citizens to use their spare time to cultivate their literary hobbies. "In the next step, we will further sort out the demand and feedback to each venue to improve the service supply, so that the evening culture of Binhai New Area will achieve the effect of 'very accurate service and very pleasant experience,'" said the person in charge.

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