Tsinghua Electronics Institute joins hands with Shaanxi Tower to build a multi-modal intelligent network communication joint laboratory

2019-07-23 09:55

Recently, Institute for Electronics and Information Technology in Tianjin, Tsinghua University (hereinafter referred to as Tsinghua Electronics Institute) and China Tower Co., Ltd. Shaanxi Branch (hereinafter referred to as Shaanxi Tower) signed a cooperation agreement at Tsinghua University, and the two sides will, based on their respective advantages, establish a multi-modal intelligent network communication joint laboratory.

It is claimed that the joint lab will focus on intelligent network technology, artificial intelligence, machine learning and future network frontier technology research. Focusing on high-end mobile Internet information services, facing various communication applications, it will use Tsinghua University's collaborative innovation, technological breakthroughs and a series of key technologies for industrialization and key technologies for application, such as core technologies and mobile network information services, to acquire core intellectual property rights and promote the construction of future mobile Internet research and results transformation platforms.

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