Accelerated accumulation of financial leasing industry in TBNA

2019-07-23 09:56

Financial leasing is a business card for Tianjin Binhai New Area (the TBNA for short). In the first half of this year, with the support of several domestic first-innovative favorable policies, many high-investment leasing industry projects have settled, and leasing industry in TBNA is also continuously expanding new development space, accelerating the leasing of new business forms, and constantly moving forward in adjustment.

New favorable policies have settled in TBNA.

"For an area with relatively mature leasing industry development, it is necessary to further tap market demand. The pain point of the market is the starting point for reform and innovation." Yang Haitian, Convener of China Leasing Alliance, Convener of the International Leasing Union Organizing Committee, Joint Leasing Research and Development and director of the center, said. It is claimed that this year, the financial leasing industry in TBNA is targeting the market's pain points. Under the promotion of relevant government departments, favorable policies have settled and been implemented.

Earlier this year, Anpeng Financial Leasing Tianjin Co., Ltd. successfully signed an order worth 30 million yuan to ship a small aircraft purchased from New Zealand directly to the local Indonesian navigation company. In the past, this offshore aircraft leasing business did not work. Under the previous policy, domestic financial leasing companies can only lease to foreign companies after they have shipped the aircraft to China. A large amount of time and logistics costs have forced many companies to abandon the business.

“We actively communicated with the Tianjin Foreign Exchange Administration. After repeated research, the State Administration of Foreign Exchange approved the agreement to take the lead in the offshore financial leasing of foreign debt registration in the Tianjin Pilot Free Trade Zone. Allowing financial leasing in the Tianjin Pilot Free Trade Zone, after the relevant procedures are completed, the enterprise will directly lease to overseas customers if the aircraft does not enter the country, and the funds will still be settled in the country,” the relevant person in charge of the Dongjiang Free Trade Port said.

New leasing business accelerates aggregation.

In the eyes of insiders of the industry, at present, the leasing industry is developing, and there are problems of homogenization competition, low-quality assets, etc. For this reason, it is necessary to dig deep into the new blue ocean of lease, segment the business areas, and connect with the international market.

It is claimed that this year, new leasing formats and leasing models are also gathering in TBNA. As recently, Dongjiang FTP completed the first batch of export vehicles in the form of financial leasing in the country. The first batch of 35 tractors completed the customs formalities at the Ganqi Maodu Port in Inner Mongolia. The completion of this single business further promoted the exploration of the export mode reform of the financial leasing business in Dongjiang FTP, and broadened the financing channels for the Belt and Road countries. In the field of navigation, Dongjiang FTP has successively introduced Falko and other international large-scale navigation leasing companies. It also attracted operating companies such as Shanghai Jinhui Navigation and Zhongrui Navigation to set up a leasing platform in Dongjiang FTP, which made the navigation leasing enterprises more diversified, specialized and internationalized. The scale of Dongjiang navigation leasing business continued to expand.

It is reported that the current lease of the financial leasing industry in TBNA has expanded to new areas such as rail transit, medical equipment, new materials and new energy, automobiles and cultural intangible assets, and has basically achieved full coverage of the main business areas of leasing.

High-quality new projects are coming one after another.

Thanks to good policy advantages and professional investment and service environment, this year, many high-investment projects in the financial leasing sector have come to settle in TBNA.

For example, China Telecom's 5 billion financial leasing project will be located in Dongjiang FTP, which will accelerate the supply-side structural reform and network infrastructure construction such as cloud computing, big data and artificial intelligence, and become the leading enterprise in China's communications and new technology leasing industry; The CMB gold rental project with registered capital of 3 billion yuan will focus on the rental and financial services of the world's leading rail transit equipment such as high-speed EMUs, high-powered locomotives, railway wagons and urban rail vehicles.

“Financial leasing is a good way to realize the marketization and internationalization of rail transit. Dongjiang FTP provides a high-quality business service environment and good policies. All aspects have prompted us to settle financial leasing here. In the future, we will also speed up the entry into the global high-speed rail locomotive commercial sales system, and promote the rail transit equipment such as China's high-speed rail to go abroad through the lease, and realize deep cooperation with the countries along the 'Belt and Road' Initiative,” said Xu Weifeng, chairman of China Locomotive Financial Leasing.

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