Time limit standard for container cargo production operation in Tianjin port implemented today

2019-07-23 09:57

On July 15, the reporter learned from the Tianjin Municipal Transportation Commission that the Time Limit Standard for the Production of Containerized Goods in Tianjin Port was officially released recently and will be implemented on July 15.

It is claimed that in order to promote the realization of cross-border trade facilitation and further improve port operation efficiency and service level, the Municipal Transportation and Transportation Commission issued the Time Limit Standard for the Production of Containerized Goods in Tianjin Port (Trial) in February this year, and promised to the society that the terminal business hall in Tianjin Port shall complete the business procedures within 10 minutes, and the gate verification information shall be released within 2 minutes. The completion of the suitcase operation within 30 minutes shall not be less than 60%, and the completion ratio within 60 minutes shall not be less than 90%; The time limit for handling the containers and the manpower operations are 3 hours and 2 hours respectively, and the empty container collection operation is completed within 40 minutes.

Relevant responsible comrades of the Municipal Administration of Shipping introduced that since the implementation of the trial standards, Tianjin Port Terminals and yard companies have tapped potentials through internal process optimization and adjustment, application of technological equipment, and improvement of employee skills, and actively implemented commitments and port operations. Significant efficiency has increased and customer satisfaction has increased significantly. On the basis of the previous stage of Tianjin Port Group, the Municipal Port and Shipping Administration has further improved the standards, and added new inspection and comprehensive links. Each box of cargo inspection is completed within 3 hours, and the tugboat assists the operation. The punctuality rate is over 95%, and the pilot boarding rate is 100% while the product data is sent within 2 hours of the tally. In addition, the official standard also promises that the terminal operation time is 7/24 throughout the year, and the ship dynamic plan changes due to the port side. The rate of container liner off-duty are not more than 2%, and the direct rate of the standard container liner is over 90% while the average working efficiency of the shore bridge is more than 28 natural container per hour.

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