TBNA to build a high-level science and technology park with all its efforts

2019-10-24 14:45

Recently, Zhang Yuzhuo, a member of the Standing Committee of the Municipal Party Committee and Secretary of the Binhai New Area Party Committee, led a team to conduct field research in the Marine Science and Technology Park of the Binhai High-tech Industrial Zone (the THT for short), and hosted a symposium to understand the development of the park, coordinate and solve existing problems, and promote the park to achieve high-quality development.

In the hot summer, the Tianjin Binhai Wuyue Plaza in the Marine Science and Technology Park is also a popular construction scene. The project will invest 2 billion yuan and build a large-scale commercial complex integrating shopping and entertainment. After listening to the project construction progress, Zhang Yuzhuo told people who were responsible for the project that in high temperature weather, attention should be paid to the construction of at different times. While maintaining safety and ensuring quality, the project construction progress was accelerated and contributed to regional prosperity. He stressed that the Tianjin Binhai New Area (TBNA for short) should help enterprises shorten the project construction cycle as an important starting point for service enterprises, create the best quality conditions, and provide convenient services for enterprises to invest here.

Then Zhang Yuzhuo and his delegation came to the construction site of the high-end semiconductor industrial park to check the progress of the project. Zhang Yuzhuo expressed his appreciation for the enterprise to build an information-based and intelligent benchmarking factory. He hoped that the company would seize the powerful opportunity to develop the electronic information industry in TBNA and create a leading product with unique advantages to grow here.

At the subsequent symposium, Zhang Yuzhuo listened to the planning and construction of the Marine Science and Technology Park. He stressed that it is necessary to twist the information and communication technology and the new generation of electronic information industry, take the information security and independent controllable software and hardware industries as the leading industries, accelerate the layout of the industries, and accelerate the construction of large-scale industrial clusters. It is necessary to do something about the introduction of manufacturing, and to effectively identify high-tech companies.

We must make great efforts to do a good job in industrial positioning and regional planning, hire high-level experts and scholars at home and abroad to carry out regional overall planning, and strive to create an ecologically livable, productive city integration and attractive technology park. It is necessary to speed up supporting construction, optimize the regional internal traffic layout, actively introduce quality education resources, and enhance regional core competitiveness. The THT should take the park as the main battlefield, increase resources investment, enhance the investment attraction, further enhance the ability of attracting investment and service enterprises, polish the golden signboard of the national independent innovation demonstration zone, and take the power of the whole TBNA to make it a high-level science and technology park.

District leaders Jia Di and Deng Guanghua, together with Shan Zefeng Party Secretary of Binhai High-tech Industrial Zone and Director of the Administrative Committee, attended the activity.

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