TEDA Innovation and Entrepreneurship Challenge rekindled

2019-09-06 15:56

On August 29, the reporter learned from Tianjin Economic-Technological Development Area (abbreviated as TEDA) that TEDA Science and Technology Bureau and TEDA Technology Group will jointly host the 4th China Innovation Challenge (TEDA) and the 2019 6th TEDA Innovation and Entrepreneurship Challenge. This is the 2017 4th TEDA Innovation and Entrepreneurship Challenge included in the Second China Innovation Challenge by the Ministry of Science and Technology, and became the only double-innovation event in Tianjin, and once again became the national prefix competition. On August 31, the official website of TEDA Technology Group will officially open the registration system for this event.

It is claimed that this competition will focus on the key industry sectors such as information technology and intelligent equipment, and select the technical requirements of the company with strong technical characteristics, high social benefits, good display effect and expected results as the competition.For technology holders from global research institutions, university institutes, technology companies, self-employed teams and individuals, collect solutions and conduct objective evaluations. In terms of event welfare, this competition will continue the intimate and high-welfare style of the TEDA series of innovation and entrepreneurship competitions. The winning team will have the opportunity to communicate with well-known companies, develop technical cooperation, obtain enterprise orders, join the green channel, special offer, etc.,obtain policy consulting, strategic consulting, talent docking and other services. Quality cooperation projects will have the opportunity to obtain investment and financing support, receive special bonuses for the event. For the typical case of successful docking, the project will be given a special fund support of up to 5 million yuan.

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