Tianjin Free Trade Zone's leasing industry leads the country

2019-09-06 16:00

Finance Leasing Pilot Enterprises in Tianjin Free Trade Zone (FTZ for short), both in terms of number of establishments and registered capital, rank first in the national free trade zone. The reporter learned from the Municipal Financial Leasing Association that a total of 18 leasing companies have been confirmed by the Tianjin Municipal Commission of Commerce and the State Administration of Tianjin Taxation Bureau. They have successfully settled in the Tianjin FTZ and become the ninth batch of domestic financing leases in the Tianjin FTZ. The pilot company has a total registered capital of 7.8 billion yuan.

It is reported that since the decentralization of the pilot financing of domestic financing leases, the city has confirmed 94 pilot enterprises in Tianjin FTZ financing leases, which are from state-owned enterprises, central enterprises, listed companies and domestic well-known private enterprises in 20 provinces and cities nationwide with a total of more than 62 billion yuan. Up to now, there are 112 pilot enterprises in the city's domestic financing lease, accounting for 34.5% of the country's 325; the registered capital reached 88.88 billion yuan, accounting for 35.6% of the country's nearly 250 billion yuan, most of which are registered in the Tianjin FTZ.

Yang Haitian, an economist, the convener of the China Leasing Alliance and the director of the joint R&D center, said that since the second half of 2018, due to the transfer of the financial leasing industry, the approval of domestic leasing companies has stagnated. At present, the transfer work has been basically completed. The Tianjin Financial Management Bureau and the Taxation Bureau jointly issued the Notice on the Pilot Confirmation Work Process of the Financial Leasing Business in the Tianjin Free Trade Experimental Zone, which indicates that Tianjin has started to restart the domestic leasing enterprise. The examination and approval of the pilot of the financial leasing business has positive significance for the sustainable development of the entire industry.

The domestic financing leasing pilot enterprise, as a representative of the localized leasing industry, has developed rapidly this year. Compared with financial leasing and foreign leasing, domestic leasing has its own characteristics and advantages. Most domestic leasing companies are large and medium-sized enterprises. Some of them are national and local key enterprises. While the business development is concerned by the competent authorities of the enterprise and the society, it is also easy to get the policy support of the state and local governments. At present, a large number of excellent domestic leasing enterprisessuch as Tianjin Bohai Leasing has emerged in China,and Tianjin FTZ leasing industry leads the country. Yang Haitian said.

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