Dongdi Park open to the public: TBNA to add a good place to get close to the sea

2019-09-09 13:04

The popular Dongdi Park has been opened to welcome guests, and Tianjin Binhai New Area (TBNA for short) has added a good place to get close to the sea. The park starts from Haixu Road in the south and Mazu Cultural Park in the north, with a total area of about 35 hectares. The park has a landscape passageway and four viewing platforms, a leisure beach and two landscape lakes; parking facilities, toilets, and maintenance houses are all available; special children's play facilities, various fitness equipment, and ocean culture exhibitions are provided. There is also a wooden path and a riding path at the seaside, which is 3,100 meters long and is connected in series with the Nandi Trail.

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