The 8th China Aviation Finance Development (Dongjiang) International Forum held: Dongjiang FTP builds a professional aircraft asset management platform

2019-09-09 13:31

The reporter learned from the 8th China Aviation Finance Development (Dongjiang) International Forum held on September 5 that as the pioneer and pathfinder of China's aviation financial industry innovation, Dongjiang has become the highland of China's leasing industry policy innovation. Dividends are fully released here, and the achievements are remarkable. Up to now, Dongjiang Free Trade Port (FTP for short) has registered more than 3,300 rental companies and completed more than 1,500 aircraft leasing business, making it the second largest aircraft leasing gathering place in the world. With the arrival of China's first wave of aircraft lease retreat peaks, Dongjiang's first professional aircraft asset management platform, which was built by the government, was unveiled, causing widespread attention in the industry.

Business Innovation promotes healthy development of the industry.

As an important part of aviation finance, thanks to the release of the policy dividend for many years, the aircraft leasing business in China has grown rapidly through innovation and service. China Leasing Company currently holds nearly a quarter of the world's aircraft assets and has achieved rapid accumulation of its own assets. At the beginning of the development of Dongjiang FTP, aiming at the goal of building an international aviation financial center, it has developed nearly 40 kinds of lease transaction structures and business models in the international advanced areas.

“As a pioneer and pathfinder of aviation finance industry innovation, Dongjiang FTP has become a highland for China's leasing industry policy innovation. Since the beginning of this year, various ministries and commissions, Tianjin Municipality and various levels of regulatory authorities have issued a series of new reform measures and bonded lease customs supervision policies such as the offshore debt lease of offshore leasing and the optimization of SPV control mode, and the new kinetic energy of aviation finance development has been continuously released.” Shen Lei, director of the Administrative Committee of Dongjiang Free Trade Port, said.

When facing the actual demand of leasing companies, this year, Tianjin Customs issued the first announcement of 2019, which clarified the regulations governing the bonded lease business of the special customs supervision area, involving aircraft transfer, leaseback, purchase, renewal, and replacement of the leased enterprise. In a variety of situations, the formation of major policies for the disposal and circulation of aircraft leased assets is beneficial, which is conducive to broadening the channels of disposal of aircraft in the country and improving the liquidity of aircraft assets.

It is claimed that under the guidance of the new policy, Dongjiang FTP has also completed the domestic first-class aircraft bonded lease and innovative lease business. In July this year, Everbright Financial Leasing Dongjiang SPV successfully retired a Boeing 737-800 aircraft and delivered it to the new tenant Kunming Airlines.

In addition, since the beginning of this year, the State Administration of Foreign Exchange has also approved the offshore debt lease business of offshore financing leases in the Tianjin Pilot Free Trade Zone, actively promoting the development of offshore leasing business and participating in the international aviation market competition. The innovation of aircraft leasing in asset disposal and internationalization will further promote the development of aviation finance in Dongjiang FTP.

Government sets up a stage as a professional aircraft asset trading platform.

“What kind of innovation is the best way to promote the development of the industry? This is a question that we often think about. Of course, this kind of innovation must come from the pain points of the enterprise and the bottleneck of the current stage of development. This requires continuous deep research within the enterprise to understand them. We must master the actual demand and the policy." Yang Liu, deputy director of the Administrative Committee of Dongjiang Free Trade Port, said.

It is claimed that Dongjiang FTP has recently established Dongjiang Aircraft Asset Management Co., Ltd. according to the actual needs of enterprises. This is also an important part of the service package of Dongfang Aircraft Leasing Industry and an important strategic measure to promote the transformation and upgrading of Tianjin Leasing 2.0.

"A typical lease period for an aircraft is 10-12 years. Since China's aviation leasing started in 2009, the first round of the term is about to expire. After the lease expires, how will the aircraft assets be disposed of? Is it sold or renewed? Or other methods such as passenger aircraft change to cargo machine? Solving these questions can make the industry develop healthily and orderly." Chen Lili, general manager of Dongjiang Aircraft Asset Management Co., said that the industry is now demanding more and more high quality of aircraft asset management. In order to solve the difficult point of enterprise in asset management, Xinjiang reorganized the Dongjiang Aircraft Asset Management Company, and the Management Committee holds 50% of the shares. This is also the first professional aircraft asset management company in China to participate in the government. It will focus on the upcoming lease-off peak of the leasing company, provide deep-level services for it, and build a good ecosystem for the aircraft leasing industry.

"The aircraft asset management industry is very mature in Europe and the United States, but it is still relatively scattered in China. There are only 10 companies with very small scale. At present, there are thousands of leased aircrafts in operation in China, and these small individual companies operate alone. The quality of service cannot be guaranteed, and the operational pressure is very high.” She admits that Dongjiang Aircraft Asset Management Company has concentrated the best batch of aircraft senior technical engineers in the industry. They all have more than 5 years of experience in airline rental and maintenance; there are a group of very good trading experts who have at least 10 years of experience in structural design work for aircraft transactions. They can provide excellent services for aircraft leasing companies and build the entire process of technical inspection, asset management and aircraft trading. "We plan to serve 800 aircrafts in three years and become the world's largest aircraft asset management company," she said.

It is claimed that at the forum yesterday, Dongjiang Aircraft Asset Management Co., Ltd. signed an asset management service cooperation framework agreement with ICBC Aviation Leasing, Bank of Communications Leasing, Agricultural Bank Leasing, CMB Leasing, and AVIC Leasing, which will participate in the domestic aircraft leasing market and provide professional, full-cycle, one-stop aircraft asset management services to promote the sustainable and healthy development of China's aircraft leasing industry.

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