Breakthroughs in construction of major S&T innovation platform in TBNA in the first half of the year

2019-09-10 15:40

The reporter recently learned from the District Science and Technology Bureau in Tianjin Binhai New Area (TBNA for short) that in the first half of this year, eight major scientific and technological innovation platforms under construction in TBNA have made breakthroughs in S&T research and development, attracting talents, incubating transformation, and industrialization of results. Capacity and regional core competitiveness have continued to improve.

"PK system" aims at the peak of the industry.

In the first half of this year, the “PK System” bred by the Binhai New Area Military-civilian Integration Innovation Research Institute aimed at the peak of the industry. “Phytium CPU” and “Kylin Operating System” are building an independent and controllable information security ecosystem. The Phytium CPU completes the next-generation quad-core desktop CPU streaming and testing, and the chip function and performance reach the expected goal while the multi-channel server CPU design advances smoothly. The Phytium CPU project also signed a 1-billion-yuan contract with Great Wall Computer and cooperated with the People's Bank of China and China Unicom. The output is expected to reach 9 million in the next three years, with an output value exceeding 10 billion yuan. The Kylin operating system Encore project and the confidential special-purpose machine project have been smoothly promoted. The pilot project has been completed in Hunan province and used by the Ministry of Finance, the International Liaison Department, and the National Development and Reform Commission; and ChinaSoft has purchased 55 million yuan of orders.

Great achievements in S&T achievements

At the Tianjin Institute of Electronics and Information Technology of Tsinghua University, this year's scientific and technological achievements have achieved new breakthroughs in the number of scientific and technological achievements. The reporter learned that the Institute has collected more than 100 projects and registered 33 companies in TBNA, including 7 newly registered companies in the first half of the year, involving chips, lasers, Internet of Things, medical devices and other fields. In addition, the Institute has continued to incite social capital and increase investment in the transformation of scientific research results. Among them, Deephi Tech was acquired for 300 million US dollars, and H-chip Tech was valued at 350 million yuan while 6 companies received more than 90 million yuan in financing.

Zhejiang University Binhai Industry Technology Research Institute also ushered in a good industrialization prospects. In the first half of the year, the institute applied for 114 kinds of intellectual property rights and 7 new registered enterprises. At present, there are 29 enterprises in the incubation, and the total number of enterprises in the country is 3, with a registered capital of nearly 300 million yuan and an accumulated output value of 550 million yuan. Among them, Essence Information Technology Co., Ltd. has an annual output value of over 200 million yuan, and is currently applying for a science and technology board; mprobe (medical health) is worth more than 300 million US dollars; Jiazi Robotics has a valuation of over 300 million yuan; Tianjin Jingli digitaltechnology co., Ltd expects annual output value up to 60 million yuan. The second phase of the institute will accelerate the construction of a 100,000 square meter Zhejiang University (Tianjin) Intelligent Technology Innovation Industrial Park.

The reporter who walked into the Sino-British Biomedical Technology Transformation and Industrialization Base found that the incubation and breeding work here has achieved initial success. The Sino-British base currently has 43 projects and enterprises, with a registered capital of 410 million yuan. The total amount of tax paid in the first half of the year totaled nearly 26 million yuan. According to the person in charge of the Sino-British base, in the first half of the year, the Sino-British base carried out more than 80 times of technical consultation and technical inspection services, and realized various types of technology income of more than 10 million yuan.

At the same time, the NRS1800 exchange chip built by TBNA Information Technology Innovation Center has completed contract sales of 4.25 million yuan in the first half of the year, and launched trials on more than 70 large national heavy-duty product models. It is estimated that the sales contract can be completed in the whole year of 10-20 million yuan; two derivative companies grew steadily, and Xinhaichuang increased capital by 40 million yuan. Shenyi Technology accelerated the pace of financing. The scientific research work of Tianjin (Binhai) Artificial Intelligence Military-civilian Integration Innovation Center has made breakthroughs, and the development of the group intelligent operating system micROS has achieved results.

Platform construction goes one step further.

“This year, Peking University (Tianjin Binhai) New Generation Information Technology Research Institute has achieved remarkable results.” The relevant person in charge of the District Science and Technology Bureau introduced that the institute has been recognized by the Tianjin Industrial Technology Research Institute and has been transformed into “Yanyun” cloud management device. The project won the first prize of the National Technology Invention Award 2018. At present, the New Generation of Information Technology Research Institute has gathered a number of leading products such as AVS2 ultra-high definition video converters, forming a representative result led by Academician Gao Wen, Academician Huang Ru and Academician Mei Hong. The company's valuation reached 1 billion yuan.

The reporter learned that the second phase of Peking University (Tianjin Binhai) Information Technology Research Institute will focus on the introduction of high-end chips, core components, artificial intelligence and other industrialization projects, and build a Beijing-Tianjin Collaborative New Generation Information Technology Industry Fund, with the first phase of scale of 500 million yuan, cultivating high-tech high-yield companies, will achieve about 300 large-scale production and education integration graduate training, and strive to create a Tianjin Branch of national comprehensive collaborative innovation center.

In addition, Tianjin Zhongke Intelligent Identification Industry Technology Research Institute is also accelerating the construction of the second phase of the project. The institute actively promotes four second-phase projects of intelligent manufacturing, intelligent security, intelligent services and intelligent education. It has undertaken 45 national and local projects, applied for 63 national invention patents, provided technical services to more than 100 enterprises, and was approved as the Industrial Technology Research Institute and Tianjin Artificial Intelligence Science Base. The institute and its incubator have attracted 219 million yuan in social financing, of which the value of Watrix.AI reached 1 billion yuan, and IriStar completed financing of more than 60 million yuan. The industry cultivation is in good shape.

The above-mentioned person in charge said that currently the District Science and Technology Bureau will increase the construction of major science and technology innovation platform services, accelerate the gathering of innovative resources, and actively build an innovation platform for industrial development and enterprise operation.

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