Many scenic spots in TBNA to be completed and opened before the end of the year

2019-09-10 15:43

The reporter learned from the China Tourism Industry Expo 2019 held on June 6-8 that before the end of this year, a number of new cultural and scenic spots in Tianjin Binhai New Area (TBNA for short) will be opened, and new activities in the “old” scenic spots will be unveiled to meet the needs of the citizens and tourists.

New scenic spot is to be unveiled before the end of the year.

What new places will be displayed before the end of the year in TBNA? The citizens are also full of expectations. The reporter learned at the Expo site that the project of Tianjin Yili Ecological Park and Water Treatment Center Industrial Tour is scheduled to be unveiled before the end of the year.

For example, Tianjin Yili Ecological Park covers an area of 420,000 square meters. The first phase of the project includes the Elf Park, the Ecological Corridor, and the Four Seasons Ice and Snow Museum. The Emerald Park, which has received much attention, contains 12 theme activity areas. It is the newest and most large-scale animal culture kingdom in China. More than 200 species of precious and lovely wild animals, for example, giant pandas, are living here. Tourists can have a good time together. It is reported that the first phase of the project will be unveiled during the year.

In the ecological island area of the Sino-Singapore Tianjin Eco-city, not far away, the water treatment center industrial tourism project built by the Eco-city Water Treatment Center is also planned to be unveiled during the year. The project goes north to Fantawild World and south to Yili International Ecological Island. On the one hand, the project takes water as the main line, sets relevant and vivid courses, and deals with public science water treatment knowledge, showing the construction of Eco-city sponge city, water treatment, ecological construction and non-traditional water source application results, and merges into an Eco-city boutique “water theme public course”. On the other hand, the project, as a north-south corridor, will connect the Fantawild World and the Yili Ecological Park to create a “colorful journey” of the Eco-city.

New activities in the "old" scenic spots have appeared.

The reporter learned that in order to further enrich the content of the cultural and scenic spots, many new projects in the “old” scenic spots in TBNA have recently appeared.

The popular National Maritime Museum has attracted nearly one million visitors to visit only after more than three months of opening. Recently, a new exhibition of "Unbounded - The Story of the Maritime Silk Road" was launched here, which is free to the public. The 313 sets of exhibits witnessed the development of the Maritime Silk Road, including 3 sets of first-class cultural relics, 36 sets of second-class cultural relics and 130 sets of third-class cultural relics. The audience will appreciate the precious cultural relics such as Nanhai Shipwreck Nanhai No.1, Longhai Banyang Reef No.1, Mingshen Ship Nan’ao Water Porcelain, Song Changgan Temple, and the “Yongru Songzhu” embroidered plaque.

In the TEDA Aircraft Carrier Theme Park, it took more than half a year to repair, renovate and control the security. The "Kiev" aircraft carrier power cabin - the engine room, was officially opened to tourists from this week. In order to enable visitors to obtain a more intuitive experience, the aircraft carrier scenic spot uses high-tech sound and photoelectric means to restore the working scene of the entire cabin. Visitors can experience the working condition of the power department at the time when the huge ship was voyaged; Dongjiang Bay Scenic Area is planning to create the top ten internet famous attractions in the scenic spot, such as fishing boats at late night, sea vows, etc. These famous online attractions will also face the public and gradually debut.

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