TBNA's cultural tourism industry harvests dividends

2019-09-10 15:44

Under the background of the current cultural and tourism consumption and the intensification of competition in cultural tourism products, the people's longing for and expectation of romance in distance scenic spots is unprecedented. The integration of culture and tourism faces new major opportunities and challenges. At the "Cultural and Tourism Industry Development Forum" of the 2019 China Tourism Industry Expo held last weekend, experts and scholars at home and abroad conducted in-depth discussions. They generally believe that culture is the soul of tourism, and tourism is the carrier of culture while the depth and breadth of future cultural and tourism integration needs to be expanded. According to the reporter's understanding, the tourist attractions in Tianjin Binhai New Area (TBNA for short) fully combine their own characteristics, and promote the integration and development of the cultural tourism industry, and have gained a lot of "dividends."

It is claimed that TBNA is now fully based on the characteristic cultural points, bringing new vitality to the tourism market. For example, the Binhai New Area Library and the National Maritime Museum, which are known as “the most beautiful library in China”, have opened, which has brought a rich cultural experience to tourists during the visit. According to statistics, during the three-month business period, the National Maritime Museum has received nearly one million visitors from home and abroad, and the Binhai New Area Library has become a must-see for many tourists to come to TBNA.

The reporter learned that the competent departments of cultural tourism and the cultural and travel enterprises in TBNA are also continuously striving to find the "maximum common denominator" of cultural tourism, which is to be able to integrate and promote the brigade.

For example, the Dongjiang Bay Scenic Area in Tianjin is currently working with the professional cultural institutions that have successfully operated the Shanxi History Museum and the Beilin Museum Cultural Creative Product Development to more deeply and systematically excavate and organize the cultural elements of the scenic spots. Attractions such as seaside vows and Jiangwan Bay, which have cultural connotations, extend the staying time of tourists in tourist destinations and lengthen the tourism industry chain. “We have signed a strategic agreement with Dongjiang Bay Scenic Area to operate Tianjin Dongjiangwan Cultural Creative Products and famous online scenic spots. Tianjin tourism cultural resources are very rich, and the transportation culture, coastal culture, food culture and so on are unique. The distinctive cultural symbols are more suitable for creating the famous online IP, and Tianjin has the characteristics of a famous city on the internet.” Li Ang, project director of the Cultural Operation Center of Shanxi Huaxia Cultural and Creative Co., Ltd., said.

In the Sino-Singapore Tianjin Eco-city which has many tourist attractions, it is also fully integrated with the characteristics of each scenic spot to promote the integration of the cultural tourism industry. “In the face of the increasingly hot tourist market, how to avoid tourists’ sighs of “everything is the same”? The characteristic cultural experience is the key. The Eco-city has gathered many unique scenic spots, such as one of the best military theme parks in China – TEDA aircraft carrier theme park, the Mazu Cultural Park with the world's highest Mazu image, etc. It will work hard to combine the cultural attributes with the 'specialized new specialties' to create a series of experiential, interactive and situational cultural activities. The relevant person in charge of the Urban Tourism Bureau said, "In November this year, we will also jointly hold the Huawei Cloud Summit to hold the IP City's overall cultural tourism IP release activities at the National Maritime Museum, including logos, slogans, mascots, VI systems, etc."

"In the future, we will further explore the marine culture, industrial culture and other characteristic cultures of TBNA, continuously extend and enhance the cultural tourism industry chain, and promote the deep integration of the cultural tourism industry." The relevant person in charge of the District Cultural Tourism Bureau said.

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