TBNA seizes tourism equipment manufacturing market

2019-09-10 15:46

The reporter learned from the China Tourism Industry Expo 2019 - Tourism Equipment Innovation and Development Forum held on September 7 that Tianjin Binhai New Area (TBNA for short) relies on a strong equipment manufacturing industry base to continue to develop in the field of tourism equipment manufacturing industry.

It is claimed that at present, 70% of China's imported motorhomes are tax-paid after being sold in Tianjin Port, and on the basis of the whole vehicle, they can develop in the direction of assembly, R&D and other industries. From large aircraft, helicopters to drones, special aircraft and other research and development, manufacturing, TBNA has been far ahead, and will become an important domestic civil aircraft and parts manufacturing base by 2020. At the same time, various yacht clubs, cruise ships and marinas along the coast of TBNA are under construction and will be put into use one after another. The cruise industry has been well developed. For example, the internal combustion and electric environmental protection sightseeing trains designed and manufactured by the Borite Tourism and Tourism Train Company have been large-scale and the market sales are hot.

"In the future, TBNA will continue to encourage the development of cruise equipment, tourist motorhomes, scenic ropeways, large-scale amusement facilities and other tourism equipment manufacturing industries, and vigorously cultivate various outdoor products such as leisure and camping with independent brands, and support domestic qualified enterprises to acquire foreign advanced products. Tourism equipment manufacturing enterprises may carry out joint ventures and cooperation, encourage enterprises to carry out independent innovation and research and development of tourism equipment, and promote the further development of tourism equipment manufacturing industry," said Wang Huichen, secretary of the Party Committee and Director of Binhai New Area Culture and Tourism Bureau.

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