Another big night market in TBNA opens

2019-09-10 15:48

On September 6, another big night market in Tianjin Binhai New Area (TBNA for short) – the Starlight & Cloud Night Market in Yicheng Fudi Square opened. The night market is star-studded with the theme of stars and seas. The lights illuminate the city's night sky, and the cherished food stirs the taste buds while the trend costumes and the cultural creative Xiaobai provide the public with a leisurely night-time consumption place, and the colorful entertainment performances will add new vitality to the “nightlife” in TBNA.

It is claimed that the Starlight & Cloud Night Market in Yicheng Fudi Square is located on the west side of Fucheng Road, Fucheng Square. It is based on the commercial complex of Fucheng Fudi Square. It is 135 meters long and has outdoor features based on existing street businesses. There are 20 snack stalls, 40 fashion small booths and 4 game and entertainment booths. The market opens at 18:00 every night and closes at 24:00. The outdoor night consumption experience will last until mid-October and will continue in May.

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