Import Two-step Declaration pilot at Tianjin Port Clearance speed greatly improved

2019-09-10 15:49

The reporter recently learned from Tianjin Customs that the key reform pilot work officially launched by the General Administration of Customs - import Two-step Declaration, successfully passed the technical test at Tianjin Port, and the Tianjin Port first two-step declaration was produced in Dongjiang Bonded Port. Tianjin Dongjiang Customs, as a pilot unit of the customs system, carried out the two-step declaration reform.

It is reported that the Two-step Declaration is an important reform measure adopted to adapt to the characteristics of international trade and the need for security and convenience. It is characterized by the distinction between safe access supervision that must be implemented at the port and procedural customs clearance procedures. Resolutely controlled, the release is completely released, so that the goods are both fast and manageable. The application is divided into two steps. The first step is the summary declaration. The enterprise only needs to fill 9 projects to complete the declaration and realize the withdrawal. The second step is the complete declaration. The enterprise declares the transportation within 14 days after the declaration of the transportation and submits comprehensive information and documents that meet the overall regulatory requirements for tax collection, conformity assessment, etc. The two-step declaration broke through the original port time and space restrictions, greatly shortening the time of cargo detention and saving logistics costs.

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