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2019-09-19 16:32

Picture: The staff explained the intelligent application of scientific knowledge to the visitors

Visitors interact with robots

Introduction to Binhai Science and Technology Museum

- Location: Binhai Cultural Center

- Area: The building area is 26,000 square meters, and the exhibition area is 17,000 square meters. There are 16 permanent exhibition areas and more than 350 pieces of various exhibition items.

- Theme: Focusing on the theme of “smart” and “life”, the content is divided into “Technology Lights Binhai”, “Science Changes Cognition”, “Technology Broadens the Vision” and “Intelligence creates the World”.

- Open time: Open operation on October 1

On September 16, Binhai Science and Technology Museum held a media gathering event. This venue, which will be opened on October 1, unveiled the mystery for the first time. “Zero Distance” shows the charm of science and technology and also provides new cultural choices for the public. As one of the main cultural venues of the Binhai Cultural Center, the Binhai Science and Technology Museum has always attracted the attention of the public with its distinctive post-industrial style. The opening of the Binhai Science and Technology Museum not only provides the citizens with a new cultural choice, but also a new achievement in the creation of a national public cultural service system demonstration zone and the creation of cultural highlights in Tianjin Binhai New Area (TBNA for short).

Binhai Science and Technology Museum has a construction area of 26,000 square meters and a pavilion area of 17,000 square meters. There are 16 permanent exhibition areas and more than 350 exhibition items. Based on the concept of “home-based, chic and creative”, the theme of “smart” and “life” is displayed as “Technology Lights Binhai”, “Science Changes Cognition”, “Technology Broadens the Vision” and “Intelligence creates the World”. The four major sections aim to stimulate scientific interest, popularize scientific knowledge, disseminate scientific thinking, promote scientific spirit, and create high-quality global scientific positions.

Strong interaction integrates popularized science, coupled with education and fun.

"I and my motherland can't be separated for a moment..." Upon arrival at the fourth floor of the Binhai Science and Technology Museum, everyone was attracted to the past by a singing voice. It was only after I came closer that I found out that a robot labeled "Performance Artist" was singing. By changing the song, the robot can also twist the music to make the performance more enjoyable. Just beside it, a robot called "The Master of Portraits" is sitting quietly waiting for its "models." The staff said that after the seat of the chair is seated, the robot can draw a portrait in three to five minutes by recognizing the face, and the created work can be given to everyone. "Playing the hamster" and "shooting" these games-like activities are essentially tests of the speed of response and the coordination of hands and eyes. At the Binhai Science and Technology Museum, citizens can feel the wonders of the human body in the game of robots and learn scientific knowledge.

High-quality exhibits create high-quality scientific positions.

The interactive performance of the exhibits serves the “knowledge content” of the Science and Technology Museum. The section “Science Changes Cognition” is divided into the mathematical world, the light and shadow world, the electromagnetic stage, the power space and other exhibition areas. Through the Mobius belt, the four-line pendulum, the Newton pendulum and other classic models, “Number, Light, Power, The story of "electricity" spreads the scientific principles to the audience and makes them feel the charm of science. The “Technology Broadens Vision” section includes two “town treasures” of Foucault pendulum and energy tower. Foucault makes full use of the height of the space inside the building, and innovatively designs a 21-meter-high large Foucault pendulum. It intuitively proves the rotation of the earth through the trajectory of the lamp that moves synchronously with the pendulum. “Science is an important function of our science and technology museum. On the first floor of the exhibition hall, we have prepared various scientific exhibitions for the audience. In the future, we will develop various science courses to bring different feelings to the audience.” Guo Yu, director of the Science and Technology Department of Binhai Cultural Center Investment Management Co., Ltd. said.

Limit of visitors during trial operation – citizens can make reservation in advance.

In addition to the main exhibition hall, Binhai Science and Technology Museum also has 4D cinema, VR riding, and space roaming experience projects. Through super interactive experience and dreamy light and shadow effects, it provides the public with a full range of audio-visual enjoyment and opens up a journey to explore wonderful science. "The Binhai Science and Technology Museum is expected to become a first-class science and technology museum in China, and become a new hot spot after the Binhai Cultural Center, which has become a new gathering place for public science and research tours in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region." Guo Yu said. In order to allow the audience to experience the Binhai Science and Technology Museum in depth, the main exhibition hall will be open to the public free of charge during the trial operation, and the real-name appointment system will be adopted. The reservation channel will be opened at 7:00 on September 26, and the public can make an appointment through the official website of the Binhai Science and Technology Museum (www.bhstm.com) and the “Binhai Science and Technology Museum” WeChat public service number.

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