Greening upgrade of Binhe Park basically completed

2019-10-21 12:11

The reporter learned on October 16 that the greening landscape upgrading project of Hangu Binhe Park was basically completed, and the reconstructed street heart small amusement park provided a good place for the surrounding residents to enjoy the green life. It is claimed that the planting of the shrubs and trees in the greening of the small amusement park in Binhe Park has been completed. The planting of white wax and paulownia in Sanwei Road has been completed; the sprinkler irrigation projects of Binhai South Road, Liujing Road and Morning Market are also delivered. According to the person in charge of the garden construction management office of the District City Management Committee, the greening of Binhe Park has created a cityscape with a simple atmosphere as well as a fresh and natural environment.

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