Dongjiang sea-rail combined transport development adds a new leverage

2019-10-22 15:58

On October 20, the reporter learned from the Dongjiang Bonded Port Area Administrative Committee that the Customs supervision operation site of China Railway Tianjin Container Center Station (hereinafter referred to as “Tianjin Central Station”) was approved by Tianjin Customs as a “passport”, which marked the Tianjin Central Station has the permint for entry and exit, docking of inbound and outbound means of transport and shipment of import and export goods. This has laid a foundation for the future development of sea-rail multimodal transport import and export business in Dongjiang Bonded Port Area.

It is claimed that Tianjin Central Station is invested and constructed by Tianjin Zhongtie United International Container Co., Ltd., which is located on Haitie Avenue, Dongjiang Bonded Port Area, Binhai New Area, Tianjin, and is connected to the North Ring Inbound Line on the railway network. The Tianjin Central Station Customs Supervision and Operation Site was approved to have a site area of about 200,000 square meters. It sets up a domestic trade and foreign trade function division, and establishes a smart card port and video surveillance operation system to improve the service level of Dongjiang foreign trade. The Dongjiang Bonded Port Area has laid a solid foundation for building an international container hub multimodal transport distribution base and distribution center.

With the approval of the customs supervision work site of Tianjin Central Station, in the future, Dongjiang Bonded Port Area will rely on the location advantages of Tianjin Port and Railway Central Station to give full play to the “three-way four-port” of Tianjin Port, especially the “Belt and Road” initiative. The location advantage of the Russian economic corridor channel accelerates the integration of multimodal transport with modern supply chain, local industrial chain, “Internet +” and traditional transportation industry, and strives to transform the transportation location advantage into the development of competitive advantage.

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