Upstream cruise industry chain in TBNA

2019-10-31 12:25

Although the current cruise season in the north is in the off-season, the international cruise giant still brings the “new ships” to Tianjin. Yesterday, the Mediterranean "Glory" officially opened the Tianjin home port season, bringing high-quality cruise experience to the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region, North China and Northeast China. The industry generally believes that although there are some twists and turns in the development of China's cruise market, it is still in the opportunity period, and China will become the most important growth engine of the global cruise industry. In the next year, there will be some big ships and new ships coming to Tianjin to open the mother port route. At the same time, the cruise industry in Tianjin Binhai New Area (TBNA for short) is also expanding from a single cruise tour to the upstream and middle of the cruise economy.

Cruise giants firmly grasp the Chinese market for layout.

It is claimed that the Mediterranean "Glory" is the first time to land in Tianjin's home port and it will open 6 voyages, depart to North Kyushu, Nagasaki, Fukuoka and other popular destinations, to guide visitors to enjoy the Japanese scenery and cultural charm.

On this cruise ship, there is a special interest in the "Lego Sea Paradise", a children's exclusive area of more than 6,800 square meters, bringing children a 360-degree experience with Lego toys. At the same time, the performances are also brilliant, such as Deyun Society's comic dialogue and the classic drama of the Mahua FunAge team will debut.

“In 2016, the MSC Cruise's ‘Lyrica' opened up its home port route and received many praises. This year, the ‘Lyrica ' came to the North China market for the first time. In the near 2020, the 172,000-ton flagship cruise ship the MSC 'Glory' will also come to Tianjin," said Huang Ruiling, president of MSC Mediterranean Cruises China.

It is reported that as of October 21 this year, Tianjin International Cruises has completed 105 international cruises and received more than 628,000 passengers. In 2020, Tianjin International Cruises’ home port is expected to receive 140 cruises. In the future, the latest cruise ship of the Royal Caribbean International Cruises, the Wonder of the Seas and the latest river cruises of the Viking Cruises will also land in the Chinese market.

TBNA enters the middle and upper industrial chain of the cruise.

Compared with the rapid growth in previous years, in the past two years, China's cruise industry is moving from high-speed growth to high-quality development, from a single development from cruise tourism to the development of the entire industry chain of the cruise economy. How to stimulate and lead the development of the cruise market in the largest domestic cruise port in northern China? It is also a top priority.

According to international practice, the cruise industry chain is divided into upstream cruise design and construction, mid-stream cruise operations, material procurement and services, and downstream cruise port reception and management. TBNA is the experimental development zone for China's cruise tourism. At the same time, Tianjin International Cruises is the only domestic port of the cruise ship located in the Free Trade Zone. It has many policy advantages in the areas of international trade procurement, financing and leasing. TBNA is also taking advantage of these areas to gradually move toward the upstream of the cruise industry chain.

For example, after completing the first domestic bonded cruise distribution business and launching several innovative measures, the upstream and downstream enterprises of the international material cruise distribution business have settled in Dongjiang Free Trade Port. Jiahong Group, which provides material services for the first flight in Tianjin, recently set up Tianjin Jiayouhong Shipping Service Co., Ltd. in Dongjiang to carry out the business of shipping material distribution and supply.

In addition, with the support of the prior-test and policy advantages, financial leasing companies such as ICBC Leasing in TBNA are also participating in the construction of world cruise ships, providing more financial support for cruise construction and operation, which will promote TBNA to move forward to the middle and upper end of cruise industry chain.

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