Real money supports TBNA to form an innovative enterprise echelon

2019-10-31 12:28

On October 23, Tianjin Binhai New Area (TBNA for short) held a promotion meeting for innovative enterprise leading plans. The reporter learned from the meeting that the Implementation Plan for the Leading Plan for Innovative Enterprises in Binhai New Area was introduced recently. The plan will be implemented through the scientific and technological enterprises, the strategic actions of innovative industries, the establishment of major innovation platforms, and the innovation and ecology. We will improve the "five major challenges" of tackling the key to the actions of the scientific and technological system, accelerate the cultivation and expansion of the scientific and technological enterprise groups, overcome a number of core key technologies, build a number of innovative platform carriers, and form an innovation ecosystem that is conducive to the rapid growth of science and technology enterprises and build a world-class industry innovation center.

Clear development goals

According to the development goals determined by the program, by 2023, there will be more than 5,500 national high-tech enterprises in Binhai New Area, 3,500 national science and technology-oriented small and medium-sized enterprises, 2,000 “Eagle” enterprises, and 200 “Gazelle” enterprises. The number of leading companies in science and technology and leading enterprises has reached 100, and 10 “unicorn” enterprises have been introduced and cultivated.

In the field of strategic emerging industries such as artificial intelligence, biomedicine, new energy and new materials, aerospace and other strategic emerging industries, we will solve a number of technology difficulties and overcome a number of key technologies that restrict industrial development; by 2023, we will accumulate key new products. There are 450 items and 300 “killer” products. The added value of strategic emerging industries accounts for about 50%, and the value added of high-tech (manufacturing) accounts for about 30%.

Implementing a campaign for technology enterprises to guide and overcome difficulties

TBNA will focus on science and technology enterprises to take the initiative to create an "Eagle - Gazelle - Leading" technology enterprise echelon. It will actively promote the cultivation of three types of enterprises, and strive for the 50,000-yuan financial reward for the "Eagle" enterprises that have obtained bank loans of more than 500,000 yuan. For the first-time “Gazelle” enterprise, it will strive for a one-time maximum financial compensation of 200,000 yuan. It will support enterprises to identify municipal-level science and technology leading enterprises and leading enterprises, and provide subsidies for major innovation projects of up to 5 million yuan and 3 million yuan respectively at the urban level; for those who have been identified as science and technology leading enterprises after cultivation, through brand cultivation projects, city-level funds can be up to 500,000 yuan in rewards. For the typical cases of state-owned enterprises and institutions applying technology enterprises in TBNA, a maximum of 300,000 yuan will be awarded.

At the same time, it will vigorously introduce and cultivate national high-tech enterprises. The first is to expand the country's scale of high-tech firms. It will establish a national high-tech firm reserve pool, implement “one enterprise, one policy” and customized guidance for key enterprises, and encourage enterprises to review. The second is to encourage enterprises to apply for high-level identification. For the first approved national high-tech enterprises. According to the scale, Tianjin will jointly give 300,000-500,000 yuan reward. The third is to actively introduce high-level non-local enterprises. For the high-level non-local enterprises that have moved in as a whole, their qualifications will continue to be effective after being relocated. For an independent legal person subsidiary established in TBNA, it is considered that it cannot directly enjoy the income tax preferential policy. The plan clearly stipulates that it is recognized as high-tech firms in the three years from the date of registration, and is awarded 100,000 to 1.5 million yuan according to the scale of the enterprise. It will guarantee the seamless connection of high-tech preferential policies. It hopes to attract non-local high-tech companies, especially from Beijing.

TBNA will accelerate the cultivation of unicorn enterprises.

For the introduction and cultivation of the unicorn enterprise, a one-time reward of 10 million yuan will be given.

TBNA will increase investment in enterprise R&D investment. It will implement the pre-tax deduction policy for research and development expenses. For key enterprises in the fields of artificial intelligence, biomedicine, new energy and new materials, aerospace and high-end equipment, we will award a maximum of 5 million yuan in proportion to no more than 10% of R&D investment in the previous year. It will support technology companies to apply for municipal-level R&D expenses, 1.5% support will be given according to the research and development expenses of the previous year, and national science and technology-oriented SMEs will give 2.5% support, and the subsidy will not exceed 5 million yuan.

Implementing a campaign for strategic emerging industry to conduct technology innovation

In the campaign for strategic emerging industry to conduct technology innovation, TBNA will strengthen industrial technology innovation in the frontier areas. In the subdivided areas of autonomous controllable hardware and software, cell and gene therapy, power batteries and new energy vehicles, TBNA organizes and implements 10 major special projects each year, with a single support quota of 3 million to 5 million yuan.

TBNA supports companies to develop innovative products. For the identified "killer" products, Tianjin has two levels of 1 million yuan financial subsidies. The organization recommended to identify municipal key new products and strive for financial support of no more than 200,000 yuan. For the identified "specialized new products", it strives for no more than 500,000 yuan of financial support from the city.

TBNA will promote the intelligent transformation and upgrading of enterprises. It will make good use of Tianjin's smart technology industry development policies, and give a one-time subsidy of 1.5 million yuan to municipal demonstration smart factories and digital workshops. It will give grants of up to 1 million yuan for industrial clouds and industrial Internet platforms. The after-sales award will be given to the self-owned brand robot backbone enterprise that does not exceed 15% of the sales price. For an enterprise that purchase an application for the first time, it will use intelligent equipment such as industrial robots and use it for its own production activities. It is subsidized according to the purchase price of 7.5%, and the total annual subsidy of each enterprise is not more than 5 million yuan.

Implementing a campaign to build major innovation platforms

According to reports, TBNA will implement a campaign to build major innovation platforms and enhance the existing platform carrier innovation capabilities. It will accelerate the construction of projects such as Tianhe-3, National Synthetic Biotechnology Innovation Center, and National Advanced Computing Industry Innovation Center. It will support the Binhai New Area Innovation Platform to declare the Tianjin Industrial Technology Research Institute. For the evaluation results, it will strive for a city financial award of up to 10 million yuan.

At the same time, it will attract and cultivate a number of industrial technology innovation institutions. We will strive to build a state-level compound institute and a major scientific installation in the Binhai New Area, and introduce the construction of a national laboratory in accordance with the principle of “one case, one discussion”. For the introduction of new state key laboratories, national technology innovation centers, national industrial innovation centers, national manufacturing innovation centers, etc., a one-time grant of 15 million yuan will be given. The recognized municipal-level technology innovation center will strive for the support of the municipal finance with a maximum of 5 million yuan per year and support for three consecutive years; the recognized key municipal-level enterprises will strive for the financial support of up to 1 million yuan.

Implementing a campaign to improve innovative ecology

TBNA will increase the introduction of talents. It will make good use of talent policies such as “Haihe Talent” and “Kunpeng Plan” to attract urgently needed talents and excellent teams. In the field of strategic emerging industries such as artificial intelligence, biomedicine, new energy and new materials, and aerospace, high-end talents and talented people working in TBNA will be given 200,000-1.5 million yuan per person per year according to their contribution to local economic development.

High-level building of makerspaces. TBNA will focus on the establishment of Binhai (Yujiapu) Venture Plaza and Binhai (Airport) Venture Plaza. It will accelerate the promotion of municipal-level makerspace filing and strive for sustained support from the municipal finance. It will organize and carry out the star rating of the makerspace in TBNA, and give a financial reward of up to 500,000 yuan to the selected five-star makerspace.

TBNA will improve financial support for technology companies. It will encourage venture capital funds to invest in enterprises in TBNA. For venture capital funds with an annual investment of more than 5 million yuan in technology enterprises in Binhai New Area, they will be subsidized at 5% of the actual investment amount, up to a maximum of 5 million yuan. The implementation of technology enterprise share reform and listing incentives will be awarded 300,000 yuan and 5 million yuan respectively. It will strengthen the protection and application of intellectual property rights, give play to the role of China (Binhai New Area) Intellectual Property Protection Center and build a high-value patent cultivation and transformation system.

Implementing the reform of science and technology system

The main person in charge of the Science and Technology Bureau of Binhai New Area introduced that TBNA will implement the scientific and technological system reform and take action to optimize the management of scientific research projects. It will pilot the reform of the budget for the preparation of research projects, and there is no proportional limit on the expenditure of major scientific research projects.

At the same time, it will explore new mechanisms for innovative platform management. TBNA's research and development platform will be given greater autonomy. After the approval of the leading group, it will be granted the right to independently approve the investment decision of up to 5 million yuan. The funds for the district-level science and technology plan project led by it can be included in the salary. Innovative new research and development institutions operating mechanism, with the consent of the leading group, allow new R&D institutions to set up multi-investment hybrid operating companies, whose management and core backbone can hold more than 50% of the shares.

TBNA will accelerate the transfer and transformation of scientific and technological achievements. It will improve the income of scientific research personnel transformation, and use income of not less than 70% for the conversion of scientific and technological achievements for rewards, of which not less than 70% is used to reward major contributors, and not less than 5% is used to reward technology transfer workers and management personnel. It will establish a platform for the transformation of scientific and technological achievements in Binhai New Area, organize docking activities, and improve the efficiency of scientific and technological achievements. It will give scientific research personnel greater autonomy to transform their achievements. For scientific and technological achievements registered more than one year, they will not be organized and implemented, and researchers or teams can implement the transformation of their own results.

TBNA will strengthen the construction of scientific research credit system. It will establish and improve the management mechanism for scientific research integrity construction, build an integrity management system covering all aspects of scientific research activities and establish a due diligence mechanism.

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